Dr. Mel O. Tonin performed surgery by the numbers,

But he also really enjoyed his slumbers

One day, he slept too long

Without him, a surgery could go wrong

And the rookie back-up surgeon had to step in to perform this very risky open heart surgery. Amazingly, the rookie surgeon performed the surgery without a single misstep, not only saving her patient’s life but drastically improving his quality of life. She was promoted to chief surgeon, the youngest in the history of the hospital. Meanwhile, Dr. Tonin lost everything. He climbed into a bottle of vodka and never left. Now the only surgery he performs is on frozen pizzas he gets at the gas station.



There once was a psychologist who loved messages subliminal.

He believed personalities could be changed with suggestions most minimal.

He hypnotized patients of varying ages

He’d implant ideas with secret phrases,

But he didn’t know how powerful his suggestions were, and several of his patients began ferociously scribbling numerical codes and constantly muttering the same phrase in Aramaic. The numbers were the exact coordinates for the lost temple of Skraal-Kalkhor, and the Aramaic phrase woke up Gruül, an ancient demigod whose thirst for blood & destruction cannot, and will not, be slaked.  All hail Gruül, the Death-Bringer.


Professor Brögarius was intelligent and bright.

He wondered if time’s linear path was flexible or finite.

Time travel was his great dream,

So he built a magnificent machine,

But he made a gross miscalculation, and instead of journeying to a specific point in time, he tumbled aimlessly through the void.  Because of this, no one was able to deactivate the machine. A massive feedback loop caused the power to overload, and the resulting explosion tore a rift in the very fabric of our universe. The only person with the knowledge of how to stop it is Professor Brögarius, and he is trapped in the space between the ticks of a clock.  The end is here.