Gabby Gelfort was quite bland and dull

She liked her blouses sensible, and her socks made of wool.

She resisted the life ostentatious,

Which made her home lonely but spacious,

But the truth of the matter is that Gabby lives this way because she’s the key witness in a grizzly serial murder investigation & was placed into witness protection. She tries to make friends, but it’s difficult because she can’t tell anyone who she *really* is or what she knows. This is killing her, as her mind is heavily burdened by what she’s seen, the pain she’s witnessed. So she keeps her life simple, because she fears any deviation from routine would send her tumbling into insanity.



Joey Krazinsky ate muffins a lot.

He’d scarf them down until his teeth started to rot.

He gained lots of weight,

His body was in a terrible state.

Until one day he contracted salmonella from eating an undercooked muffin and it’s raw contents. He spent hours – days, even – by a toilet, expelling every ounce of fluid he had into the porcelain palace, until there was nothing left.  He continued to dry heave for a solid week until, finally, his abdominal muscles tore in half from the strain.  He’s in a wheelchair now.  He can no longer eat solid foods, especially muffins.

Of All The Souls…

Today, a great man has passed.  A man who led an entire fleet of men, women, and children towards a new frontier.  Leonard Nimoy, who most famously portrayed Lt. Commander Spock in the groundbreaking Star Trek series, and then again in the subsequent movies, has departed from this realm.  As Spock, he taught us that logic and reason can take you far in this universe, but there is no greater power than friendship.  Real friendship.

The kind of friendship that keeps you sane when you want to go mad.

The kind of friendship that challenges you to take one more step.

The kind of friendship that reminds you that, even in life’s darkest moments, you are never truly alone.

Throughout his life and career, Leonard Nimoy expressed a passion in encouraging others to question, wonder, and explore.  He was the host the documentary series, “In Search Of”, wherein he guided viewers through some of history’s great myths and mysteries. Throughout the show, he would always provide the known facts about the case, then pose questions, rather than theories, to the audience, allowing them to draw their own conclusions.  In a way, this reinforced the idea that scientific progress lies in the questions rather than the answers; that the destination is not nearly as important as the journey.

In the entire history of the Star Trek franchise, no moment is more powerful, poignant, or gripping, than the final scene from The Wrath of Khan, where Captain Spock sacrifices himself to repair the damaged warp core and save the Enterprise from certain annihilation, but absorbs a lethal dose of radiation in the process.  Spock is afforded one last opportunity to speak with his friend, James Kirk, an exchange preceded by Dr. McCoy’s ominous statement, “Jim, you better get down here.”  With his dying breath, Spock says to Kirk, “I have been, and always shall be, your friend.  Live Long, and Prosper.”  To all the dreamers, the ponderers, nerds, and geeks of the world, he was a friend.  We always shall be his, in this life and in the next.

Nimoy offers a heart-wrenching performance in this scene. A truly talented actor.

“Of my friend, I can only say this: Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most…human.”          -Jim Kirk