The horrifying power of Hate

In the entire span of human history, no problem, issue, or trouble has ever been solved by hatred.  Hatred has never wrought a positive outcome in any way. Hatred has never been credited with leading to change in the world in a better direction. Hatred doesn’t want change; hatred wants everything to stay the same. Hatred promotes judgement, envy, and paranoia. Hatred abhors progress, change, and unity.  

The atrocious mass shooting that took place in Orlando is the result of unbridled, continuous, and systematic hatred.  Hatred is an enormously powerful impact in this world. Hatred is powerful because it can feed on itself, which means you can’t fight hatred with hatred.  The only thing that can fight hatred is love. I know that sounds sappy, but it’s absolutely true. Love, patience, understanding, and tolerance cancels out hatred, because hatred cannot exist where love prevails. 

If you feel angry right now, please feel angry! Anger can lead to real change. Anger can be a catalyst for action. Anger is not hatred, though it can very easily feed into hatred. But let this anger fuel something! Don’t let it just peter out into nothing.  Don’t get used to this.  Don’t let hatred become the norm.

If there’s someone you love, whoever they are, never pass up an opportunity to tell them that you love them. Because you could lose them in an instant, just how they could lose you in an instant.

Finally, remember this is a small world we live on and in, and at the moment it’s the only one we have, just like we’re all we have.