To Kim Davis, any press is good press, and that’s what makes her dangerous

We need to stop talking about Kim Davis, because she doesn’t care that what she is doing is illegal – she thinks what she is doing is right, and that is what makes her dangerous. 

I just deleted my recent repost on FaceBook of an article about Kim Davis because, as my friend Lee Spears pointed out, all these statuses, tweets, articles, videos, blog posts, and pictures really serve to do is give this egomaniacal zealot a pulpit from which she can preach her message of intolerance.
Because, as inconceivably backwards as her views might be, there are still a large portion of Americans who agree with her, including high ranking politicians, and keeping her in the spotlight will just add fuel to an already raging fire of dissent.

Kim Davis is trying to turn this Federal backlash against her into a way to make her look like a martyr, and to the right-wing portion of this country, she could very well be. Many of these folks already see her as an underdog fighting against religious persecution, because she honestly believes that allowing same-sex marriage is persecution of Christianity (*that is not true by any real or logical means, but try explaining that to Huckabee or Cruz*). We cannot allow her to do that.

Yes, she is breaking federal law by refusing to issue marriage licenses. 
Yes, she has GROSSLY misinterpreted freedom of religion.

Yes, she has completely abandoned logic in favor of trying to be some warped version of a “hero”.

But she also has the support of several – SEVERAL – republican politicians, including potential GOP presidential candidates, many of whom can pretty much get right-wing America to support whatever the hell they want.

And each time she is tweeted about, posted about, or facebooked about, her reputation and image spreads.

She doesn’t care that we think she is evil – to her, she isn’t, and she’s convinced of that.  Any she seems to be relishing any opportunity to get her message out in the media.

The only real way to stop her is to stop talking about her decision, because that is what is fueling her self-appointed martyrdom. 

It has already been said that she is a criminal; it has already been said that she is a egomaniacal zealot; it has already been said that she is a ├╝ber-religious crackpot. All of this is true.

It has all been said. Now stop saying it so we can take away her soapbox and ride this out until she is impeached.